The image showing blue java bananaimage showing blue java banana

Written By Sania Malik || Reviewed By Adeel Abbas

Blue Java bananas, also known as Ice Cream bananas. They are a unique and delicious type of banana fruit that has been gaining popularity in recent years. [1]

These bananas have a unique flavor and texture that sets them apart from other varieties of bananas.

In this article, we will explore everything about Blue Java bananas, including their origin, appearance, taste, nutrition, health benefits, and how to grow and use them.

Image showing the blue java banana

Origin of Blue Java

Blue Java bananas are a type of banana that is native to Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines.

They are also commonly found in Hawaii and other tropical regions. These bananas are known for their distinctive blue-green color and creamy, soft texture that is similar to ice cream.

Hence their nickname “Ice Cream bananas.” Blue Java bananas are also known for their unique flavor that is often described as a cross between vanilla and banana. [2]


One of the most distinctive features of Blue Java bananas is their color.

When the bananas are ripe, their skin turns a pale, blue-green color that is unlike any other banana variety.

The fruit itself is medium to large in size, with a roundish shape and slightly curved tips.

The flesh of the banana is a pale, creamy color that is much softer and creamier than traditional bananas. [3]

Nutritional Value

  • Like other types of banana , Blue Java bananas are a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • One medium-sized Blue Java banana contains approximately 110 calories, 1 gram of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fiber.
  • They are also rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium. [5]

Characteristics of the Blue Java Banana

  • The Blue Java banana is a medium-sized banana that can grow up to 25 centimeters in length.
  • Its most distinctive feature is its bluish-green skin, which gives it a unique appearance. [6]
  • The flesh of the Blue Java banana is creamy white and has a texture that is often compared to ice cream.
  • The fruit is also seedless, making it a convenient snack.

Health Benefits of Blue Java Banana

Blue Java bananas not only taste delicious, but they also offer several health benefits. [7] Here we will discuss the health benefits of Blue Java bananas.

1: Rich in Nutrients

Blue Java bananas are a good source of several important nutrients, including dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium.

Fiber is important for digestive health, while vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system. Potassium is important for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. [8]

2: Lowers Cholesterol

Eating Blue Java bananas can also help lower cholesterol levels.

The fruit contains phytosterols, which are compounds that block the absorption of cholesterol in the body. This helps to reduce levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, in the bloodstream. [9]

3: Regulates Blood Sugar

Blue Java bananas have a low glycemic index, which means they help to regulate blood sugar levels. [10]

The fruit is also high in resistant starch, a type of starch that resists digestion and help to improve insulin sensitivity.

4: Boosts Energy

Blue Java bananas are a great source of energy, thanks to their high carbohydrate content.

The fruit’s natural sugars provide a quick boost of energy, making it a great pre-workout snack or midday pick-me-up. [11]

5: Reduces Inflammation

Eating these bananas also help to reduce inflammation in the body. The fruit contains antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation.

This helps to lower the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. [12]

Uses of Blue Java Bananas

Blue bananas are not only a unique and delicious fruit, but they are also versatile when it comes to culinary uses.

Whether you’re looking to use them in sweet or savory dishes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this type of banana into your cooking. [13]

Here are some culinary uses of Blue bananas:

1: Baked Goods

Blue bananas make a great addition to baked goods such as muffins, bread, and cakes.

The creamy texture of the fruit adds moisture to the recipe, while the sweet flavor pairs well with other baking ingredients such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

2: Smoothies and Milkshakes

Blue bananas are a great ingredient to add to smoothies and milkshakes. The fruit’s creamy texture and sweet flavor make it an excellent base for smoothies and shakes.

3: Ice Cream

Blue bananas are used to make a delicious and healthy ice cream.

Simply freeze ripe Blue bananas and blend them in a food processor until they reach a creamy consistency.

4: Chips and Fries

Blue bananas also be sliced and fried to make chips or fries. The fruit’s creamy texture makes it a great alternative to potato chips or fries.

5: Curry and Stir-Fry

Blue bananas also be used in savory dishes such as curries and stir-fries.

The fruit’s mild flavor and creamy texture make it a great addition to these dishes.

How to Grow Blue Java Bananas?

Blue bananas are relatively easy to grow, making them a popular choice for home gardeners and tropical fruit enthusiasts.

They prefer warm, tropical climates and thrive in areas with plenty of sunlight and regular rainfall.

If you are interested in growing your own Blue bananas, you will need to purchase a starter plant or banana pups, which are small plants that grow from the base of mature banana plants. These can be purchased from specialty nurseries or online.

Once you have your starter plant, you will need to plant it in well-draining soil and provide it with regular water and fertilizer.

Blue Java Banana is a unique and delicious variety of banana that offers several health benefits. Its creamy, sweet flavor and ice cream-like texture make it a popular choice for desserts and smoothies.

If you are interested in growing Blue Banana, it requires a warm, humid climate and well-drained soil.

With its distinctive flavor and health benefits, Blue Banana is a must-try for anyone who loves bananas or is looking to try something new.


Are Blue Java Bananas healthy?

Yes, Blue Java Bananas are healthy and offer several health benefits. They are a good source of essential nutrients, promote digestive health, boost energy, and can lower blood pressure.

Where can I buy Blue Java Bananas?

Blue Java Bananas are not as widely available as other banana varieties, but they can be found in some specialty markets or online stores.

How do I know when Blue Java Bananas are ripe?

Blue Java Bananas are ripe when their skin turns yellow and has brown spots. The flesh of the banana should be creamy and have a soft texture.

Can Blue Java Bananas be used in baking?

Yes, Blue Java Bananas can be used in baking, especially in recipes that require a sweet, creamy flavor. They can also be used in smoothies and other desserts.

How do I store Blue Java Bananas?

Blue Java Bananas should be stored at room temperature until they are ripe. Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.